Hello everyone.

A few months ago I purchased a used Ibanez GAX 70 from a friend. It was in excellent condition, and I took it to a shop to get the frets polished and buffed and the action tweaked. It played like a dream until about three weeks ago. There's some kind of problem with the jack; every cord and every amp I plug in to produces a loud hum but no actual sound.

I was wondering if this is a problem I can fix myself, or if I need to take it to someone.
Sounds like to me that jacks ground wire has been disconnected. If your any good at soldering, you could take a look at the jack to see if their any wires disconnected and just solder them back on.
Yep, open the guitar, check for any loose wires, re-solder them as necessary. If none of the wires in the guitar are loose, it could possibly be either the amp, the cord, or it could be the guitar's pickups.
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Tightening the input Jack
1) Open up the input jack's plate, do not tighten it from the outside coz it will twist and snap the connection inside.
2) Insert the jack, see whether the connection is proper, then only you tighten it. Make sure that the shield and tip connects to the hot (red). Also, tighten it properly so that you dont have to do it again. Always good to use plumber's tape if its loose.
3) Test out which wires go where by tuning ur amp on if you're not sure. Resolder the connection.
4) Screw back the plate.
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dont hand tighten the nut outside the input jack. thats the usual cause.

only tighten it this way. like the guy wt the pretty blue and red pic says.

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