Would like a new guitar for all types of rock and a little metal, my favorite bands are Velvet Revolver, AC/DC, Led Zepplin, Rage against the Machine, and some metallica and Breaking Banjamin; I was thinking about either an ibanez IC400 (iceman) or an epiphone les paul (tran amb)

I know i like gibson les paul artists but are the epiphone's les paul's version any good compared to an ibanez
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I'm a huge Les Paul fanboy so I'll throw that name out right there. I personally love the way the look, feel, and sound.

Also, regarding the bands you mentioned:

Zepp - Jimmy Page often used a LP.
Velvet Revolver - Slash loves him some Les Paul.
Metallica and AC/DC - Hammet uses an LP at times (at least he did in a couple videos I've seen). Angus is an SG man, but they're both Gibsons - they're like blood brothers!
It depends what sort of sound you're looking for. If you prefer the angus young type of sound, go for an epiphone SG, as for the LP, i have an epiphone LP, and it sounds great, it can handle whatever, if i were in your shoes, i would get the LP going off your sort of music preferences. But if you want something a bit punchier, go for the SG.
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I've heard epiphones untune and break easily, is this true...

I have an ephiphone LP - plays really nice. I swapped the pickups for Duncans and the sound is just what I wanted. The only think that broke on it was the nuts holding the volume/tone controls on. And that was probably my fault from messing when I changed the pickups.

My epiphones about 8 years old now, nothings gone on it yet, although it is meccanno holding the pickguard on
My Epi LP Standard feels really solid, as in not that breakable and has Grover tuners so no real problems with going out of tune just the pickups sound a little dodgy, new ones coming soon tho.
Go with the les paul!!!!!
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dammit gabe you're turning into a fan boy.
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+1 to the Agile that was going to be my suggestion.

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

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dammit gabe you're turning into a fan boy.

Yeah, but what the heck an Agile with Swinesheads isnt to shabby...
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Until you get a guitar that has been meticulously made with really good but expensive wood using true craftsmanship you shouldn't worry about what the guitar you are testing will immediately sound like. All guitars in this price range are going to need upgrades (that is part of the fun).

Personally how the guitar feels in your hand should be much MUCH more important. So don't go in with only 1 guitar in mind. Think of 3 guitars or so and decide which one feels better. Because after you put some good pickups in it and perhaps some locking tuners you will stay in tune and rock.

I would consider...

Epi LP
Epi G400 (SG)
Ibanez Iceman
Ibanez SZ
Fender Toronado (personally feels like a really well balanced fast and rockin guitar)

Also remember that while most of the band you listed will use a double humbucker guitar... Led Zep also recorded with a Tele. (In fact ALL of Stairway was recorded with a Tele)

Good Luck
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Do have any more info on the agile's i was thinking about this one...

Agile PS-924WE

Color Black FlameAmber

and what type of pickups would anyone recomend for my style of music (out of the swineherds) or any other types

By, the way i have a peavey classic 30 and a boss ME-50
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Get a MiM Fat Strat. Extremely versatile.

Um, no. A double humbucker mahogany guitar would be a far better choice, because, well, guess what the bands he mentioned use?


Out of those two, I'd go for the iceman, but you could look into agiles like gabe said - although you won't be able to try before you buy.
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how about a Schecter C1 Classic? Sweet looking guitar with Seymour Duncan humbuckers and a 5 way switch. I can only give noob advise but was thinking about getting one for blues/rock/metal. Everyone that has one seems to really like them. $500+
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