I've just starting doing some different tapping exercises and I am having a little problem. My bass sounds terrible when i tap. Like it sounds like its completely out of tune. It sounds fine when i play fingerstyle or slap, but when i tap on any fret it has this wierd harmonic ringing that makes it sounds terrible.

Has anyone had this problem? I've tried the same exercises on other basses and they sound perfectly fine. If it helps I have an Ibanez srx500 4string with DR Lo Rider 45's on it right now.
Its better to regret the things you did, rather than the things you didnt do.
uhhh thanks
Its better to regret the things you did, rather than the things you didnt do.
Sometimes the out of tuneness might just be the natural harmonics of the strings, bass, and/or amp. However, it also might be due to the string heigth and such. If necessary get an allen-wrench and screwdriver and mess with the bridge. If you set the strings at a lower height then you can get a more consistent tone as the strings will be more flat over the fretboard. Also, if you use the screwdriver (may differ on the bass) to pull or loosen the strings at the bridge then it will help fine tune your bass. Of course after messing with the bridge you will have to retune.
Uhm well, you could just go to your local music sho and have them professionally st your bass up.... that woudl work just as well... that is what i do... i don't have time to mess with it
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Tap the 15 fret (or anyone for that matter lol). it sounds a bit wierd eh?

When playing fingerstyle, fret a note, and pluck to the right side of it, thus producing a sound coming from the string between where the string is fretted, and the saddles.

When TAPPING, BOTH sides of the strings make sound, from Fretted note to saddles, and the other way : Fretted note to Nut.

Lucky for you: This dosnt sound in an amp because the pickups only pickup the vibrations of whatever vibrates over them. anything vibrations from your nut to the fretted note it dosnt pick up. So dont worry about it.

Though if you play thru an amp and it still does that, post about it.