Ok I really wanna start recording some stuff with my band. Now We have got absolutly nothing to record with. All we have is our drums and amps. So exactly what would we need. I would like to some how just record it on the computer or sumthin so could I just get a few mics for the drums a small like 8 channel mixer plug in the guitars and the drum mics and then the mixer to the pc?

Ok if that wont work we can probably get bout $200 to get sumthing.

I have a mixer 2 its just really old but it would still plug into the pc.
Yea that'll work, you've gotta have a recording programme/software on your PC to be able to record as well (I'm sure you know this though)
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I bought a Fostex MR-8HD on ebay for $250.

Its awsome!!! I had a computer set-up but it just didn't cut it. the Fostex is very easy to use has build in mastering effects a 40 gig hard drive, usb port, and a whole ****load of other cool stuff.

Its quality is much better that most computer set ups, unless your doing pro stuff then buy an Maudio black box and pro tools... it'll run ya about $650 just to start though!
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look for a usb2.0/firewire interface that lets u plug in 1/4 cables. atleast 2 inputs. the interface usually comes with software.

So now, u have ur mixer. from there u can just record track by track. Mic ur guitar amp and then run the mic to the mixer. From the mixer send the signal to one of the inputs on the interface.

Thats the easiest way to do it and the quality isnt bad. Thats the way i do it and my songs sound pretty damn good.

Well i use cubase LE to record the tracks and then export the files and mix them in sonar5(expensive program).
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DP-01 Tascam on ebay for about $150-

7pcs mic set for the drums $129-

Behringer 12ch mixer $79-
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