we are a new horror punk band, in the spirit of samhain, the misfits, blitzkid, etc., and just can't seem to come up with a decent name. we thought we'd post some we've been tossing around to see what you all think. the finalists are.......

The Weeping Widows
The Blood Baths
First Church of the Undead
The Gore W/hores
Black Tuesday Suicide
The Slaughterhouse Sluts
Good Mourning America
Victim's Advocates
The Godless Heathens
Zombie Cult
Bible Monster
Cannibal In The Mirror
Cannibal Apocalypse

please post your favorite or any suggestions.
thanks and stay dead.
"Her mouth shall make an interesting urinal!"-Master Sardu
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i like the slaughterhouse five too, but i just found out, though the glorious power of myspace, that the slaughterhouse five are a grindcore band based out of saginaw michigan. and since we are from ft. wayne indiana, i think it's just too close. so i will be removing that choice. and as far as the book go, i am a huge kurt vonnegut fan, and got to meet him last year at a museum in indianapolis. i know the book has nothing to do with horror, really, but it does sound cool. alas, literature is not dead!
"Her mouth shall make an interesting urinal!"-Master Sardu