Hey all,

I picked up a nice little 300W Peavey guitar amp with some electrical faults for $50. Pretty sure its only a fuse blown in it which would make it easy to fix. My question is would I be able to replace the 2 x 12" speakers in it with speakers that can handle bass frequencies and use it as a bass amp?

Would it work at all and if it does work would I get a decent tone out of it?
it should work as long as you can get 12'' bass speakers with the right impedance. And as far as good tone it depends on what you considewr good, but it should sound ok, i mean there are guitarists who play through bass amps and get good ones out of them, same with bassists using guitar amps.
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Yeah, I think you'll be fine, but the tone may be different than what you're used to.

If you're thinking of doing it because you only play bass and you have no use for a guitar amp, I'd say go for it. Same if you play both bass and guitar but already have a better guitar amp.

As Kid said, it's important to match the impedence to get the full power out of it.
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If it's an open backed combo you could run into problems as bass speakers have to be loaded in the proper designed enclosure for the speakers, 300 watts is lot of power into 12" speakers in an open backed cab.
What I sugest you do is disconnect the guitar speakers and try the amp driving a seperate bass cab, if it sounds ok consider making a combo or head and cab by rehousing the peavey amp.
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