is ibanez RG370DXL a nice lefty guitar or standard strat is better? strat is bout 40 bucks more and im going for that bluesy jimi sounds? which one should i choose?
since ur goin for a jimi sound, id say u get the strat, and the RG's trem might not be so reliable...
yeh but ibanez have tried to improve on it with new knife edges on their Edge III trem. and what amp do you use? since you can use that to help you achieve that Jimi sound. and i say +1/2 on the strat
im using a marshall MG15CDR. plus i got a DIGITECH RP80. but i dont want to like use anythin. i just want to plug it in wit clean sound and be ready to go like one of my friends wit a standard strat.
Go to the store and try both of them out, along with other guitars. Limiting yourself on what guitar to buy generally isn't a good idea. Try a few guitars out, then whatever guitar you like most buy.

But I prefer Strats. And since you're looking for the Hendrix sound, that'd probably be the best guitar to get.
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strat all the way.
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id also reccomend if you dont already have a mrshall tube head possibly a plexi reissue which is 3,00 if u really want to sound like him and yes go with the strat all the way cus thats jimis way
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If your wanting a Jimi sound defenitly a Strat.

Guitar > Wah Wah > Amp (Gain 4 and Reverb about 7 id say thats very Hendrix-esque)

Also he's my favourite guitarist so good look getting that tone man.