Verse 1
Waiting in the station for a train that'll never come
Standing at a platform in a town we dont belong
buying 20 tickets going someplace we wont go
Jumping on the first train, destination unknown

Sitting in a backstreet pub with the smoke stinging our eyes
pretending to be interested in each others lies

an unknown band lays out their cards in that good old fashioned style
i ask if you remember us, you say its been a while

verse 2
Another dirty vodka follows many gone before
Another cigarette burns out as we're crawling on the floor
someones doing the same as us, another bar, another town
We'll be sticking to this routine till we're 6 feet underground

And i've never seen the world so grey as i saw it yesterday
but theres plenty more tomorrows as the good old cliche says

He's an alcoholic in training, she works behind the bar
theyre a perfect match coz when theyre not together
theyre never far apart
he swears he aint an alcoholic
well surely he's a drunk
Coz lifes just more appealing when everything is numb

verse 3
a drink to wake his head up and a drink to start the day
addicted to the romance of the alcoholic way
one more pint of beer, one more for the road
he parked his arse on double lines and his characters been towed

Well i'd agree with him, or any one of them
coz losing all awareness isnt if its often when

caged in smoke and darkness in the corner of his world
I'm scared i see a part of me as his character unfurls
We've all got a way of life down many different paths
and i think i found mine, at the bottom of his glass

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Crits and opinions? Always welcome, alway grateful.
“I smoke. If this bothers anyone, I suggest you look around at the world in which we live and shut your f*ckin' mouth.” RIP
i love this song. its really really good. it talks about stuff without bein cliched, an you manage to draw it out without losing any of the quality of the opening lines. its much better than youre other song which you had on here just recently, which i also liked very much. i really dont know what to say to improve it. 9.5/10