This is a acoustic version of one of my bands songs. recorded yesterday, tis not perfect but we thought it sounded ok in the end!

as usual my acoustic was recorded using the £15 quid condenser going through a behringer mic100. the vocals were done by the singer in my band using a shure pg57. all edited etc in cubase.

il probably spend a bit more time today touching it up but ive listened to it so many times now i cant tell what needs changing! so any comments would be much appreciated.


i was quite surprised with the sound quality after what you said.

the song flows pretty nice,reminds me of an unplugged set at a bar.that kind of sound.only without drums.and i don't think i heard any bass.but the acoustics didn't really need any backing.very nice song and the singing went well for the most part.
generaly not my type of thing but it was a good listen.i can't really tell you what i think it needs but i really like having a full sound.whatever you might want to do to fill it out more would be cool.

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The singer sounds a bit restrained, so were nto hearin the voice as best we should, but I get the impression that he could sound really good (the recording is still good thou), using the extra voice sounds effective as well, and the inclusion of the lead acoustic gutiar bit sounded very effective the chords work well too, not particularly complicated but effective. Theres a nice build as the song progresses. the bit at 2.50 would sound better if the full ban kicked in. and now the vocals sound too much like whispering. but altogether it has potentially to be a really god song, and while im not 100 percent sure wat he's sayin the lyrics sound effective and flow well.

Altogether pretty good, crit back please