I'm a beginner guitarist, and have only been playing for a little over a month now. I was wondering if there are any simple yet effective songs out there that would be good for me to practice with.

I don't just wanna learn how to switch chords, but to use single notes as well. I know how to use Amaj/min, Cmaj, Dmaj/min, Emaj/min, and Gmaj, and can do the basic chromatic scale, E phrygian, and A blues.

PS, sorry if this is in the wrong forum -- I couldn't tell where to put it.

Thank you.
enter sandman - metallica

basic rhythm to the song and the solo is a good starting point if u wanna start soloing any time soon.

but u should tell us what music ur into before we recommend anything
on the CD The Poison, by Bullet for my Valentine, there's an intro with a nice beginner's solo. you need to learn bending, but it's not too difficult
learn nirvana songs there not too difficult or sex pistols its how john frusciante started playing when he was young and now hes a guitar god
try some ac/dc, most of it is built on basic chords. you could try the solos if you want, they're not that difficult
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seems weird how no1 is sayin blink182 or greenday cus wen ppl say they play em they get "flamed" er im quite a beginer guitsrist try playin things like lostprophets looked hard wen i first saw last train home but it easy and a good song also puddle of mudd She Hates ME nice easy song aswell (just some newer sugestions cus no1 ever puts em down lol)
Thanks a lot guys. Just so you know, I'm mainly into metal, but I do stray to other genres too.

Also, I have another question. When fretting single notes, where abouts should I place my finger? Should it be right behind the fret? That's what I do, but I see other people do it differently and I'm begining to think I'm doing it wrong.

Thank you!
Sorry to sound like a guitar n00b with all the questions, but is what I'm doing wrong?
where your finger is on the fret doesnt matter, its just more comfortable for me to have it closer to the fret so i dont have to press it down as hard as i would if i had it further up, yyou're only doing it wrong if you're making it sound like a dead cat
it doesent matter, just as long as you get a smooth sound, place your fingers wherever u feel comfortable, that sounds wrong, lol
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Think of it this way, when you're playing the first fret on the low E string, you want to be somewhere in between the nut and first fret. So when switching up to say, 5th fret, you want to be between 4th fret and 5th fret.

Nut and 1st Fret:
||--(place finger some where between these)----|

5th Fret
||----|----|----|----|--(place between here)--|
nut 1 2 3 4 5
Zeps Whole Lotta Love is a great first song. Easy chord changes, palm mutes (if you like), cake solo, great tune.

Iron Maiden - Aces High. Lots of chord changes, busy solo.
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Free Bird-Lynyard Skynyard(sp?)

A really long song, about 10 mins, and it sounds great. However at first it seems that it will take an eon to learn all this and get it right. But if you just get a tab (preferably Guitar Pro or Power Tab) you can take it on stage by stage, learning all the simple chord patterns, solo riffs, fingering etc.

Tears in Heaven by Clapton is also really good, just some simple fingerings basically.
Heartbreaker-Led Zeppelin (not the solo!!!....for now....)
Master of Puppets-Metallica, work on accuracy rather than speed for now.
Another Brick in the Wall-Pink Floyd, solo is one of the best ever, and its not hard at all.
Always with me, Always with you-Joe Satriani, phrasing is very hard but mostly alright.
Since Ive been Loving you-Led ", Craking song, a bit harder but moderately easy.

Ive kinda ben moving up through easy to difficult, but I found that perfecting all of these songs has really helped me even at Intermediate level.