I'm currently learning to play Tommy Emmanuel's interpretation of John Lennon's Imagine. Its a beautiful piece played in dropped D tuning. I'm having some problem filling in the gaps left in the tab as it is more of a guideline and I was wondering if any experts in this forum could help me out by suggesting a scale to learn which will fit with the song so i could play a few improvised passages!

Thank you.
first, figure out what key the song is in. once you have the key you will automatically have one scale to play. i'm not familiar with Emmanuel's rendition of the song, but i think (haven't looked at or played the song in a while) that Lennon's version is in C. so you can make up your fills/licks/riffs whatever out of the C major scale. if you want to get a little more creative you can also throw in anything from the A minor pentatonic scale as A is the relative minor of C. i'm not sure of your skill level at all, but simply knowing the major scale and relative minor of the key of the song should be plenty to go on for anyone from a beginner to an intermediate player.
I've looked at my key chart and the chords seem to fit to the key of D, plus tuning is dropped D so it kinda makes sense! lol

Looks like the key of D but A seems to be the main chord used so will try out a few solos in the D Mixolydian mode first! And some with its corresponding minor in this case Bm.
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Heres a video of this amazing piece for ya, i'm not quite up to tommy's atandard just yet.


That's the first time I have seen that.. and wow. That was very beautiful.. I couln't hold back my smile . Thanks for the share.
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