I recently had the chance to play a Nomad (local selling, wanted to test and such - it was a 212 combo version), and I am looking for some of your opinions and such on the amp if you've played or own one.

How versatile is the Nomad? Can it handle heavy metal and can it handle classic rock? How good is the soloboost/reverb?

Really I haven't had a lot of time with the amp (45 mins) and really didn't spend time EQing, or really going into deep testing - it was more or less me playing the amp and seeing how it feels tone wise, if it breaks up well and if the amp is even something I'd like to own - right now I'm really liking it, and will go and play it more, for now though I'd love to know how others feel about the amp.

Thanks for your time.
Nomad is an extremely versatile amp is you have 1 guitar.
It has great shimmery cleans, that you can push into thick bluesy sounds (ch1)
It has great classic rock and 80s sounds (ch2)
It has very powerful leads and metal sounds (ch3)
BUT it is very finicky when you switch from 1 guitar to another.
That is to say that the EQ for one guitar will NOT make the other guitar sound good.

That is the only problem i had with the nomads. But if you normally only play 1 guitar, or you can stand changing the eq setting on your amp every time you change guitars... It really does sound great.

Good Luck
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Thanks for the response - I don't have a problem changing EQs personally as I normally have to anyway switching between my Strat and my RG.

Can I get channel 2 and 3 to sound the same, one for rythm, one for lead for example?