well im about to buy a new guitar i play blues, classic rock, jazz, and rock.. but im not sure what kinda type of bridge.. can any1 suggest a bridge that suits me... and it would be also better if you can suggest me a guitar to buy that has good sustain and doesn't easily go out of tune when im doing some bends
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Hmm, double thread isnt good, you should provide all the information in ur 1st thread. Anyways, can you be a little more specific, i mean, like artists or bands?
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well im sorry for my double thread i got bugs with the old thread it doesnt show me the new replys.. probably my computer is weird.. well anyway i dig hendrix, page, and rhandy
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whats the advantage of a tune-o-matic to a fixed bridge.. both confuses me.. also is a zoom505II good.. thx in advanced
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i have the 505II, i like it, but not everyone does, and is there a big difference between tune o matic and hardtail, i dunno i thought they were the same, look at schecters
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hmmm does the zoom505II have decent distortion? well i want the zoom505II for one reason... its all in one i think except for the wah.. but anyway is it worth buying it
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^it does have wah, but it auto--wah, you could possible buy a pedal along with it to control it

everything on it, is decent for what you pay for, ($80cdn for me)