I would suppose that vintage would be pre-1980, but what do you have?

Unfortunately, the only vintage effect I have left is an old seventies MXR Dyna Comp. I bought it for about $10 from the lead guitarist of my first band (about 1981 or so). At the same time I bought a beat to MXR Distortion + with the script logo. That got stolen at the very last gig I ever played back in 1995. I also got the Dist+ for about $10 too.

Unfortunately, none of us realized that MXR effects would be collectors items one day, so I painted it. I was in the Navy at the time and the Navy's colors for caution are black and yellow alternating stripes. One day, I had been painting yellow and black caution stripes all day long so...

...you guessed it.

After work, I took that box apart, sanded it down, and painted it up yellow and black stripes.

Then years later, not only do these things become collectors items (I know the Dyna Comps aren't major collector's items like the Dist+'s are) but then the next thing I know, in the late eighties, everyone is saying that my pedal looks like Stryper.


A Christian glam band.

This was particularly embarrassing since I was neither a glam metal fan nor am/was I a Christian.

Man, was I pissed. I have been kicking myself ever since. In fact, I put the thing in a box in about 1990 and just this year I pulled it out and started using it again.

As far as other pedals, I am looking on eBay. I am going to get a whole bunch of vintage pedals.
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Quote by assel
does your pedal make alot of noise?

The Dynacomp? They don't make noise at all. What they do is squish all of the various signals, good and bad, and make them all the same volume. So what happens is that all of the other noises from your guitar, your amp, the fluorescent lighting in the building, the other effects etc get amplified so that it is the same volume as your guitar signal.

That is, if you turn the compression all the way up, which I never did. I left it all the way down. I just used the thing as a micro-amp to boost my signal for soloing. It worked perfectly.

I also have an original BK Butler Tube Driver. These things are going for a couple hundred on eBay now. I don't know if they quite count as vintage, but they are wanted by the tone freaks.

Mine has actually been modified by BK himself, making it even more valuable.

EDIT: Oh sorry, I didn't notice you were the same person who owns a Dynacomp. So are you asking that because your makes noise? Hmm... mine doesn't make any at all. Yours might have a problem.
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