I have a peavey xxx head with a xxx 2x12 cab. The head is 120 tube watts. However it seems like its a lot quieter then it should be. When jamming with a drummer, I feel like I really have to push it hard to be loud enough. Now he plays really loud, but I think my cab and head might be hooked up wrong or something.

My cabinet is kind of weird. Its stereo 8ohms and mono 16 ohms. I have it on mono now. Here are some pictures of the cabs jacks.

As you can see, the mono has two jacks. Input and output. Stereo also has two: left and right. So do I plug my speaker cable into my head, and plug it into the mono input, or the mono output?

Any suggestions on why my amp might be quiet? I know I only have a 2x12, but I honestly thought it would be louder than this. I have heard about people who have XXX combos and they say its unbelievably loud at 4, but mine really isn't that loud at 4.
If your cab handles 16 ohms on mono then your head should output 16 ohms. Plug your speaker cable (make sure its a speaker cable and not an instrument cable!) into your head and the other lead into the mono input on your cab. You want to make sure the ohms from your head match those that your cab can handle. Mismatching impedances is not generally a good thing.

If you still have the same problem it could be a problem with either your head or your cab. Try the head on another cab to see if it has the same problem. If it sounds fine then your cab is messed up and you should have it looked at. If it sounds bad through a 2nd cab then its your head. Either way, you would probably need a tech unless you really know what you're doing.
That's what I've been plugging it input, and it sounds fine, it just seems really quiet. Wel, my amp definately doesn't seem quiet, it can get loud, it just feelsl ike it should be even louder.
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The XXX isnt really that loud of an amp....my 100 watt JCM 2000 is louder then my 120 watt XXX was.
I tried Out a Jcm yesterday and then I played the XXX and it blew the JCM out of the water. I love the clean channel on the XXX. PLus the XXX has 3 channels. Next to the JCM's 2. IMO the XXX sounds way better clean then and louder then any amp Ive played.
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It may be time for some good ol' tube-swapping fun! One or more of your tubes may be weak (not broken cuz if it were, you wouldn't get any sound at all)
You need to make sure you have the proper impedence selected on the head...read the manual to figure out how.