I have a Gibson SG Faded Classic and when I bought it the factory strings were 10-46 I just put some 10-52's on it and in standard tuning it feels pretty heavy and I like it but Im worried it may warp my neck or even break the thing. I have it currently in drop D down a step (DGCFAD) and Im just wondering if I should get the truss rod fixed.
no you'll be fine.
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That's not drop D, thats just D = )
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you should be fine. SRV did that for years, and his guitar came out fine.
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That's not too large a change, but since it IS wood - it's fairly delicate. I would get the truss rod checked just to make sure - when it doubt get it checked ^_^.
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Thanks everyone for your input, I'll play it safe for a little bit and have my friends dad check it out. Im tried of going into guitar center for little things.