can anybody tell me what their new cd sounds like cuz i'm thinkin about getting but if its anything like funeral for god im not getting it.so let me hear your opinions.
it's good, and it's different from funeral of god. it also sounds like they're going back to their old vocals. i would download a few songs before you buy it.
i mean just to check it out and see if you like it, or you can just check their myspace. either works. i really don't download music. i prefer to buy the CD.
i just bought it a couple days ago and its different than all their stuff but i like it im not complaining vox sound way different though.
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^^^ Tut tut.

Seriously, I hate torrent downloaders.

Then you would probably despise me. I've got 96 gigs of music on my comp.

But I also own over 125 cds.