I bought some invaders a neck and bridge position, i was wondering if anyone had this set up and could tell me if its a good sound, Or if its better to get a combination with the Invader, like invader neck, and Screamin deamon bridge. I really want to know whats best before i put thses things in, so if you have any input it would be appreciated.
Myself, I wouldn't really put invaders anywhere on my guitar, especially not in the neck. You really have to give more info on what sound you want, what gear you have and such to get a proper answer.
Invaders are used mainly in the bridge
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you need to tell us your gear and what music you like. i heard the invaders are **** even for metal.
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I play mostly metal music, but not dropped metal bull **** i play metallica, and iron maiden type metal, or zakk wylde and ozzy sounds, and some kick ass randy rhodes sounds. I just want something thats gonna put some power in my play. They make Neck and bridge invaders so i sure they will give a versitel sound, or i dont know i wanna know what you guys think.
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The Invader in the bridge will be fine. It is a bit bass and mid heavy but that is good for chunky rhythm. For neck you need something that won't be som thick or muddy for the music you play... I suggest a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates, or Jazz Neck.... or a Dimarzio humbucker from hell. I like the Jazz in the neck, everything is clear crisp... it goes well with my tone zone bucker in the bridge and the jazz will still rock...

So in a nutshell...

Invader in bridge good

Get something else for the neck position.

Good Luck
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