ok, so its time to get my third guitar and i narrowed it down to an ibanez ic300 and a dean ml phantom noir xt. I think the main reason i even considered the dean is 'cos of tremolo, is it really that good??? I play mostly metal such as metallica, BFMV and slayer which would be better?
Probably the Dean. Everybody around here says that Ibanez's are for shredders.
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Meh, I dont really think Ibanez's are only for shredding. I own one, and I plan on staying with Ibanez through my playing, and i'm not a shredder, though I may get into it in the future. If you havnt played the IC300, try it out, see if you like it. The Iceman line isn't very expensive, so who knows, it might be perfect for you, or it could be your worst nightmare.
The iceman is more of a rythm guitar than most ibanez's, it's just a lot more solid and doens't have a trem.
Well I thought that the IC is more suited for more extreme metal.

Well yea, IC without the trem is like a man missing one of his testicles..