I just want to post this show because it's absolutely amazing. it's a grateful dead show where the Allman Brothers opened up for them at the Fillmore East.


Spanish Jam* >

- has Duane Allman on slide

Turn On Your Love Light**

- basically all of the allman brothers in one of the best jams ive ever heard...

if you're a fan of either of these bands, check out this show its awsome
that website used to have everything available for download in lossless quality, they had virtually every Dead show you can think of. Now most of them are only available for streaming
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sorry im not at my computer 24/7 so if you catch me, i guess your lucky, but just IM me evne if im not there so i can find you later on mabye..

oh yeah and :

if you want to DL from me just add me to your buddy list, right click my screename, click Get File, and search in the grateful dead folder and find the show. its 2/11/70 at the fillmore east.