Wow the acoustic sounds great... I'm not a big fan of James Blunt, but I loved this song when he performed it live.

Your voice is actually decent at some points, but it can get really strained and monotone. Its good that you didn't try to pull off the register, but you still have to put some variation in it to prevent it from getting too boring as the low voice can get after awhile. It kindof falls apart in the chorus vocal wise. The speedy part around 2:30 gets a little off pace and you struggled to hit some notes in that passage. The "and I stiiiiilll" part you can hear you're struggling to get up to the higher register, but its good that you tried.

Overall I thought it was actually pretty good, the acoustic sounds beautiful
the guitar was perfect. Do you have the link to the tab(chords) you used?

I feel exactly as wilty does about the vocals.
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Ok Ill crit as I listen, being honest I havent heard this James Blunt Song yet... Guitar sounds great!! Vocals seam to be phrased fairly well but a little monotone like others have said. Overall its a decent job. 7/10

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the You're Beautiful cover is good, but the beginning is too low for your voice, try using your diaphragm more, if you take singing lessons. pretty good attempt. 7/10 the Good Bye My Lover cover is good, but has a little monotone,like some other people say. try singing just a bit louder. really good over all! 8.5/10
This song is his next hit right? my sister asked me to cover this song. havent bothered to record it, you did it decent justice!
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