You guys may remember my post about a custom beginner package from few days ago. I have wrestled with this for a week and after trying to play every type of guitar available in my city and getting recommendations from some folks at several shops (and here of course), I finally made a decision. I ended up buying a Fender American Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar in the Sienna Sunburst color. Found it at a local shop and they matched musiciansfriend.com's price. I have to say I really love the guitar and according to everyone, it should be flexible enough to meet my classic rock/heavy metal needs.

If you remember from my earlier post, I have not played in about 23 years (since I was 11) so I am basically starting over. I picked right back up on most of the major chords but that is about it. Do any of you guys have any suggestions on what I should concentrate on over the coming months. I will probably take about 3 months of lessons starting around Christmas, but I would love to learn the right stuff between now and then. I am not trying to turn into a professional guitarist by any means, I just want to do it for fun around the house and occassional jam with some friends that live out of state. I am going to try and learn some easier songs using tab as part of my practice time but I feel like I should also work chording for part of the time. Should I go ahead and start learning some power chords or barre chords? If so, which ones or are they basically the same. (It looks like from briefly looking at cyberfret.com that they are different but I could be wrong). If this is right should I learn barre or power chords. Thanks for all the help you guys have provided me here and I sure I will be asking lots of questions in the future. It is nice to have a place like this to get help.
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Id start with scales and basic songs. Get your music theory sorted out and ull be flying. Very nice guitar btw.
power chords are basically just a barre chord with a few notes taken out...practice some clapton, hendrix, and frusiciante (chili peppers) you will learn quite a few chords... btw you should post some pictures of that beautiful guitar
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barre chords are quite usefull, and if you learn a few basic shapes then you know many many many chords. Theres two videos made by pick 'n' grin that teach barre chords really well IMO, if you want to learn them then they're worth watching.



power chords are very very simple, its just [1 3 3 x x x] from low to high ( [E A D G B e] ) or [2 4 4 x x x] or [3 5 5 x x x], etc. you can also move them up a string and do [x 1 3 3 x x] or [x 2 4 4 x x], etc. and the only thing neccesary for the power chord are the lowest two notes (root and 5th), but they are usually seen with the octave added as well.
Three words: learn the blues. everything is easier when you know the blues. everything's easier after that. oh, and learn the E and A style barre chords

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Thanks for the responses guys. Which would serve someone in my situation better first barre or power chords. Again I may not be ever be a great guitarist but I would really love to get as good as possible. I would love to be able to sit down and recognizably play my favorite classic rock and metal or play along with someone else on songs I may not even know. Thanks
Power chords are very simple and you can probably get them down in a few tries. Otherwise, learn as many chords you can and learn scales that go with them.
If you learn to play these chord shapes you'll cover a lot of ground.

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