Hey guys
I know how to do pinch harmonics and natural harmonics
But theres one type of harmonic i forgot what it was callled
but its like where you hit a note then tap somewhere?
maybe a fake harmonic?
Can someone tell me how to do this or give me any info on it?
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a natural: place your finger lightly on a string so its JUST BARLEY touching it. play the note and the pull your finger off simotaniously. this works best on a 12, 9, 7, 5 fret. some guitars you can get a solid one on the 3 fret too.

pinch: when you pick a note, have the pick in your hands so only a VERY small amount is showing. when you pick, angle your hand so your thumb its the string almost at the same time. you'll be squeeling in no time :-)
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If you're talking about tap harmonics, it's when you hit a note and then tap its octave.
For example, if you hit a C, 3rd fret on the A string, then you would tap the note on the same string, which would be the 15th fret, also a C.

An easier way, if you're not familiar with the note names, is to just tap 12 frets higher of the note you just played, 3+12=15.
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your talking about an artificial harmonic. you play a note and tap the fret bar for the same note an octave(twlve frets) higer on the same string.


You may be talking about a tap harmonic,
basically what you do is play a note and as you strike it you place your finger of your right hand (I use my index) to touch the string twelve frets above the note you played, this produces a harmonic!
It works on the exact same principle as natural harmonics, you just treat the note you are holding as the open string so for instance if you played the the e note on the 9th fret g string and tapped the g string at the 21st fret you would get a harmonic from it.
You can also use intervals of 5 and 7 frets to get strong harmonics also!