does any of the daddys junky music in Mass sell the high-end washburn guitars like the Wi64 or the x/30/33/50
What the hell are you asking?
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Interesting question...
uh just wanted to no if they sold them at daddys junky music in mass, abd if they are good or not
The Washburns you just listed are all great guitars. They're more mid-range than high end though. The X50, X81, WI66PRO, Pilsen Idols and WI68 are their "higher end." Although their "mid-range" are more like high end guitars from other companies.

I don't know if the music store you're talking about sells them - I suggest you look up their phone number and call and ask about those models specifically. If they don't sell them, go to www.music123.com. They carry lots of Washburns and have really good prices on them.

Also, out of the ones you listed, I'd take the X50 or WI64. The X30 and X33 are good, but the other two are much better.

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