I just ordered new p ups for my custom 22, tremonti set... supposed to be their highest output p ups, im switching from the 5 way rotary to the 3 way selector... any thoughts or insults? should i be smiling or shooting myself
Well, I've had both, and for pure rock sounds I like the 3 way more. If you want the true PRS mod, install a push-pull pot in your tone control so you can get coil splitting, which is the way PRS McCartys are set up. That will give you 6 different tone possibilities.
Hi, I'm Peter
well its to late to not change already ordered lol.... ima try it see how it goes... i think the three way will be enough tonal options for me, plus im kinda not brilliant when it comes to how pickups work.. as in coil splitting, with a push pull knob... how does that work
basically, your humbuckers are 2 reverse wound, single coil pickups in one unit. The push-pull simply turns one of the coils off when you pull it out, giving you the traditional single-coil tone. In the middle pickup selector position with the knob pulled out, you can get Telecaster-like tones.
Hi, I'm Peter