after gigging weekly with the same electroacoustic since i was 17 (im 23 now) i think its time to buy a new one. i dont know much about acoustics cos i normally spend my money on electric guitars. ive been playing on a few different brands but they sound a bit tinny when put through an amp. ive got about £400/500 to spend, any ideas?
If you were playing them at the store, most new strings have a "tinny" sound to them until they are broken in for about a week.

Does that symbol mean 400pounds? If so then its like $750 you can spend. Ibanez makes some good Acoustic Electric guitars in your price range.
Check out: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitar/navigation?page=1&N=100001%2B306251&Ns=P_RatingOverall%7C1
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ive been playing other musicians guitars after gigs and stuff, yea Ibanez do make good electro acoustics, my current one is Ibanez and thats lasted years