So I have some #0000 steel wool, and was wondering if there is anything I need to be aware of when using some of this on my Gibson's neck, since it needs restoration still.

Any advice, warnings, encouragement, or comments? (etc. etc.)
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wow, i just did this to my guitar two seconds ago 0_o

DO IT it's amazing, it looks like garbage, but it feels GREAT
it's alot duller, and it looks akward where the neck meets the body, because i'm assuming your not gonna do the body as well. but hey, it's the back of the neck, nobody sees it when you play, but . depending on the current condition, it may bring down the resale value... but that's your call, if your gonna keep it for a long time, you might as well make it comfortable
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Mmm, well, it's a vintage, I dont want to anything to the neck really, I actually meant the fretboard..

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why would you want to take the gloss (if there is any) off the fretboard, or whatever it is you want to do?
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not on the fretboard^ this probably wont do anything as there isnt much finish on rosewood fretboards anyway, it wont improve playing speed, if you rub down the back of the neck on the other hand it will increase playing speed as it will make tiny surface scratches which will dull down the neck and make it less sticky
well your not gonna do much to your frets with wire wool my fried theyre most probably made from a type of nickel or low carbon steel, so wire wool can only really be used after filing/abrasive paper

I guess what you want to do is level your frets?

I suggest you look HERE for a fairly comprehensive guide to levelling your frets.

It says you cant do them induvidualy but what it means is its time consuming, it can be done seperately, just go slow with a nice smooth set of swiss (diamond coated) files and the edge of a high quality steel rule (or ground flat stock should you have access to an engineering workshop :P ).

as far as abrasive paper goes,use the red stuff (cant remember what its called). Start with around P 150-200 and work down in around 200-300 grit increments till about 1000 grit, at which point you should be able to use your wire wool.

Finally check height with your rule and see if you can slide a normal bit of paper between the rule and any of the frets. A bot of paper measures in at about 0.15mm (about 6 thou for you 'mericans) which should be accurate enough with normal string action, if you're setting your strings lower however, youll want to be in the region of 0.1 (4 thou).

Hoep that wasn't all engineering gargle to ya
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the frets needed redressing i thinks, that or my post was a waster :P
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Well hes got no chance on leveling frets with steel wool if thats what he means. inafantasy you need to make your question clearer.
Not for leveling the frets, just for cleaning up the fretboard, the guitar has been sitting in my stepdad's office since the 80's when he got it through a customer as pay-off for some computer work or something. It's a 63-ish Gibson Melody Maker with a natural finish for the body.. it needs restoration, but I dont have enough dough to get it all done at once, so I figured I'd knock out the easier parts first, or at least see if I could.

And thanks for the info on leveling the frets, I'm not sure it needs that, but it's good to know regardless.
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you can use steel wool to clean the oxidisation off frets i think it is. just put two pieces of tape on either side of the fret then scrub