Ok, at the moment i have a Marshall JTM45 reissue and i like it a lot, but it's not my style. i want something thats higher gain.I really think i want a mesa, but i dont know which one. Right now my main guitar is a mexican strat right now but im about to buy an ibanez S470 and i play a lot of hard rock..not much metal though..any suggestions on which mesa..or im open to different companies if they fit the bill also..my price range is nothing over what i can get for the JTM 45..maybe 1500. Also i would prefer if the amp was a halfstack.
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A used Mark IV would be perfect for what your play (new they run about $1,800). You could also get something new from the F series for that price - an F30 or F50. Or a used Nomad (they're no longer made). Any of those would be great for what you're looking for.
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Personally I would go with something a little more straightforward than a Mark IV. Mark IVs sound good, they are indeed high gain but it takes a rocket scientist to set up the amp.

Get a mesa nomad 100 head. Very Straightforward. 3 channel, solo boost, 5 band EQ.

It will go from shiny clean to pushed blues on the 1st channel

From classic rock to hard rock on the 2nd channel

and Hard Rock to searing lead on the 3rd Channel

This is a great amp if you only have 1 guitar... set the amp up and never look back.

Plus it is even cheaper than the Mark IV... letting you spend more on your guitar. BTW the nomad and the Mark IV like both single coils and humbuckers... so whatever guitar you use you should be happy.

Good Luck
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I think that a Mesa F-50 would be a good match for you. It's suited very well to hard rock. If you were willing to look into a combo, a Mesa Rect-O-Verb would also be a good amp to look into.
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I'm going to assume you're using single coils on that Strat. If you want higher gain sounds, first put a humbucker in there.
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Quote by STPGuitar311
I'm going to assume you're using single coils on that Strat. If you want higher gain sounds, first put a humbucker in there.

He already said he's going to buy an Ibanez S470. It has 2 humbuckers (and a single).
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I've heard the Nomads, they are great amps too, it would cover what you want great I think. If you can swing the Mark IV though, it's a beast, and it can handle just about anything you throw at it. It's probably the most versatile amp I've ever played. It will handle hard rock excellent, and if you ever want to venture into all out metal territory, it's got plenty of pissed off gain. It's really not that hard to EQ once you get used to it. It's a lot of controls, but once you dial in a good sound, there are a lot of subtle ways to tweak it without changing the tone completely. The settings in the manual are an easy starting point to get some decent sounds when you're first using it, and then you can tailor your own sound from there.
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