check out this idea i just came up with.i think it has potential.just one riff right now but i think it is worth while to tinker with it and make a song around it.

post ur link for crit for crit.

the riffage awaits your ears

fixed the link,sorry ppl
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yeh, def has potential. Maybe after that 'intro' in a classic metal style you could increase the tempo, using the same chords. on top of that you could then do some lead which maybe could be the same idea whith variations? wow you see, youv even made me wanna carry it on! good luck with that and make sure you post it if you make a song of it!


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Yeah, I really dig it, sounds really sinister, in the most effective of ways, with a few more similar parts it could make a great song, maybe go into double time for the verse etc with that riff been a repeated here and there, and before the solo. Definatly post a full version itll be great to hear

Crit back please