hey, i need to buy a new guitar but i the thing is that i ****ing live in saudi arabia, and there are no dealers,well there are but they pretty much suck. anyway, i need a good online guitar site, really good site.. plus i know nothing about guitars, like i can play but that's all. so, please help me out and tell me what i need to know about guitars, like pick up and all that ****, i got no idea what that is, everything, and if u could suggest a good guitar, a real good guitar that would be great, thanks u guys rock..
I'm no guitar expert (infact i'm pretty new to it all) but maybe people would be able to help you more if you were more specific. Say what styles of music you play, because some guitars are great for playing metal, but wouldn't adapt easily for playing blues or classic rock.

Also, in my experience, buying online is never better than buying from a shop, because in a shop you can try all the guitars in your price range and find one you like, but if you buy one online you don't know what your getting.
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Didnt you see the Gibson commercial with the Saudi guy? Or was that India? Anyhow, go on ebay and look there.
well i usually like like playing riffs for metallica and stuff like that, so i want it to have good distortion, andi want the palm muting to sound great.
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maybe you should get an ibanez, or a hamer, or a jackson
idk man theres too many, you just gotta try some,
Get REALLY specific and we may be able to help you out.
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i would lean towards a jackson. but that's only because i own one and love it. i may be biased, but oh well.
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How big are your hands... do you think you need a thin neck or thick neck?

Do you play anything other than metal?

You will need an amp also... that is the other 50 % of your sound.

Are you wanting to play at home or with other musicians? (how loud do you have to be)?

Answer these and I will tell you what you need.

Good Luck

P.S. If you just want to browse for guitar models etc... musiciansfriend.com has just as many guitars as anyone else out there.
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well i don't like the very thick necked guitars, i'd also think it's cool if it's a v-shaped guitar, but as i said before i want the distortion to be perfect and the palm muting to sound good, and i play alone not with friends. about the bidget i don't want it to be tooo damn expensive i just want it to be worth the buy. thanks guys
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yeah, i'm in riyadh too, thanks guys, but how am i supposed to tell which one is better, like how am i supposed to distinguish, cuz i told u i don't know ****.
2 + 2 = 4