well i have 2 pedals in mind but i can decide which one

Dunlop Crybaby


Vox V847 Wah Wah

I play mostly rage against the machine and red hot chili peppers.....and some metal songs here and there.....if you choose the Crybaby can you suggest one of the many different types of them to help suit my style the best
Vox. Crybabys aren't that great. I had to replace the switch on mine within a year.
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I think John uses a crybaby but am not 100% sure. I have a crybaby myself and its excellent. I say you try them both and make up your mind from there. As far as all the different types of crybaby go you that depends on how much metal you play as Zakk Wlyde and Dimebag both have sig models that are probobly excellent for metal but not so hot for the other stlyes you play.
if you go crybaby, go 535q.

morello uses a 'crybaby'

and if you play metal the 535q would probably do a lot better job than the vox.

obviously, try them out.
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john frusciante uses the ibanez wh-10 wah........but seriously get a vox you will not regret it, they are one of the best and cheapest wah's around, at least comapired to a stock standard crybaby there is no competition. I use my vox for metal and such, its soo versatile.
John frusciante is a vintage and boutique guitar and effect fiend. I doubt very much that he uses a new crybaby or new vox. The older ones were built better.

Having said that I would probably second what most people are saying and go with the vox... they are durable and have a very fluid sweep on your sound.

my 2 cents
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I have the Dimebag Darrel Crybaby. Im not sure how it is, since I havnt played any other wahs. My friend, who's been playing for 5 years, played it at my house, and said it was amazing, and was better than his Morley Bad Horsie.
avoid the pw-10 like the plague. it has ZERO sweep.

well it has a sweep but its in such a small movement of the foot that its near uncontrollable. not very inspiring.
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