hey guys

i need help looking for a new custom guitar

i hear conklin is some pretty good ****, but goddamn, its pricey

well, i want a guitar that has a floyd rose on it, with a whammy bar of course

conklin offers something called a melted top finish, but if thats not possible with any other dealers, then flame tobacco sunburst would be a second choice

a strat style or tele style body is fine with me

a humbucker in the bridge is fine, but if we can go with a single coil as the neck pickup also, that would be perfect along with a 3 way selector and two volume switches, this way i can perform tom morellos killswitch easily

any advice and help with this would be appreciated a whole ****ing lot

btw, my budget is 4000, a little over wont hurt, a little under will definetely be better also

thanks, ppl