Okay, regular acoustic guitars have kind of a loud tone.

Do electro-acoustics sound as loud?

If so, what's the advantage of a regular acoustic?
they are both as loud as each other. regular acoustics just cant be plugged into an amp without a pickup.
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Regular accoustics miced up genneraly have a better tone than electro accoustics that are plugged into a PA or amp, but thats the only real advantage of regular accoustics i can think of, the usually sound pretty much the same unplugged, (assuming your playing an electro and a regular version of the same model guitar)
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yah they are acoustically. a regular acoustic you can get more bang for your buck, since you dont have to pay for a pickup and an eq.
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but i have an electro-acoustic, and unplugged it sounds slightly worse than a normal acoustic. i slight damper sound. might be the strings though.
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eletroacoustics espically roundbacks sound worse accousticly than normal accoustics. But eletros can be plugged into an amp.
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ok, in cheaper guitars (i.e. anything under 1000 USD), acoustic-electrics tend to not sound as full/good as a regular acoustic guitar. there are alot of reasons for this, but imo, the biggest reason is the cutaway that is most-often found on acoustic-electrics. that is not to say that you can't get a regular acoustic with a cutaway or an acoustic-electric without one. in higher end guitars, you can get an acoustic-electric that will sound every bit as good as a regular acoustic, though. i'm sure there are cheaper acoustic-electric guitars out there that happen to sound as good as a regular acoustic, but the majority of them will not.
Im not sure if mine is actually softer than a normal acoustic because the last time i played on a standard acoustic it also sounded quite the same as mine. but i heard very high quality sounds on songs. i wonder if theres a setting for nce acoustic sounds on amps.
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my acoustic amps dont sound like them ):
get the g2.1u its awesome. hehe