I'm just curious, what would be some good guitars for soloing / lead playing in metal or hard rock. No need for it to be versitile, just a nice metal / hard rock sound. Again, since I'm just curious, any price will do.

Oh and specific models, not just a general brand name.
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I prefer Gibsons (assuming you can get a new one that doesnt suck (you wont find one at guitar center unless its a very expensive one)) but yeah the two most popular from that would probably be Ibanez or Jackson. BC Rich is nice too if you get a higher end model or one that was made in the 80s/90s.
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I like shredding on my Les Pual.
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personally i like throwing out solos on a strat with a maple neck.
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my personal preferance is the Gibson SG. But of course its really up to personal preference.
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rock metal soloing..maybe a schecter c1fr
or maybe a ibanez rg1570 prestige.
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Ok don't flame me but I would prefer a Strat with modded stakced humbucker (that fits in a single coil slot) pickups. The strat has a comfertable body and super fast skinny neck. Lower the action and guage in strings.