Uncontrolled and Untouchable

[ ] =scream

Anger rising, close to peak,
Sharp exhale, inhale deep,
The back of my neck is chilled by your sharp breaths,
But your heart is beating controlled with your chest.
Eyes are narrowing, crack a smile,
Hold me down, it?ll all be over in awhile.
[Your fists are tightening while my teeth stiffen clench.
It?s The pulsing rhythm of your uncontrolled anger.]

You lost control, something you could never sense.
I can?t find hope, some way to stop this,
Without harming you, I could never hurt you,
Why won?t I let myself hurt you now?

[You never give up; you?ll make sure that I pay?
You?re my question unanswered, untouchable.]


You carry your show of uneasy life on reels of film behind your bright eyes.
Inside and out, your figure is shadowed with a case of punished emotions.
Now held down by your hands and quivering arms, the pain I let pass by,
Because under the anger, I know you?re my savior.
Each day I find my love for you growing stronger,
The emotions in my chest that run down my spine
Are creeping to my heart, keeping me alive.
No matter what, I love you, even if i die.
But I wont because you're the reason none of this has changed.
Yours truly, Me.