rite, i was at band practice 2day, wen my m8 made up some chord, i figured out the notes, dey were;
Bb, F, Gb, D, Bb, in dat order, it was like a minor shape played on da 5th string ( aminor shape with barr) nd i came to the conclusion it was like a B11 with a d, but im not sure, ny1 got ny idea? cheers.
How did you get F and Gb in the same chord, this is starting on the 5th string?
Yeah I think F and Gb is impossible. And actually if it was G# it would be Bb7, if it was an A then it would be Bbmaj7
It's a Bbadd4

Bbmaj7 would have an A

Bb11 would have an Ab

you will never have a flat and a sharp in the same key