I saw a bunch of other people doing a cover of this song so i felt like doing my own...i know i cant sing so i dont really care about that i just sang so you knew what part of the song it was, im more interested on critiques of the guitar playing...thanks for your input

Your guitar playing is pretty solid. what pattern did you use? was it bass, nails, then variations of finger picking? What type of strings are you using? it sounds really mellow, pretty ideal for this type of song. Keep up the good work. You have a pretty decent voice, if you work on it a bit more and sing with more of stomache, I think you can put up a really good cover.
yeah nice nice, this is the guitar playing i keep expecting for this song, there's been some weird covers of this up lately but i like this one best. The singing was surprisingly good considering you set it up to make me believe that you probably sounded like me when i try and sing just to keep track of song position, but you were actually solid. Better than half the people who think they can sing on this forum. Practice your vocals more, listen to yourself recorded to see where you're off and try and improve on it. I know you didnt want the singing looked at but there you go anyways. Guitar sounded good.
Thanks for you critique loopy...Ive been playing for about a year so i'm not sure what you mean by "bass" and "nails"...I use Elixir acoustic polyweb light strings or extra light (i dont remember which ones i have on) theyre great for finger picking...as far as pattern goes ive listened to this song a lot and watched a bunch of videos of Ben playing it to get the gist of how to play it and i wrote a rough tab for the chorus...i follow the tab in a broad sense, b/c its hard to write a tab for it..a lot of it is just listening and trying to mimic what he plays...hope that helps...I sent you the tab in a message
I'm talking about the pattern, Ben plays it like such. He hits the bass notes with his thumb, then uses the nail of his index fingers to hit the D string (to get that precussive sound) , then plucks the B string with his ring finger. then so fourth. he does it in a smooth fashion.
I don't play it like that then...i hit the bass note with my thumb, then the D string with my thumb, and the G and B strings simultaneously with my index and middle finger
ahh, I see. Sounds good, thats where the mellow sound comes in. Nice job anyways.
Very nice cover. I thought you sang quite well, a nice, soft voice which suits this song perfectly. Excellent guitar playing as well.