ok, so due to a severe case of writer's block, I decided to put the guitar down and try something a little different. The result is an electronic tune I made with my keyboard called "Don't Make Fun of Fat Kids"

You probably won't even notice, but my voice is a little messed up cause I'm just getting over being sick. I couldn't talk for the past like 3 days, so when I finally started to get my voice back, I had to record a song. I couldn't help myself.

Oh and for the record, I'm not a fat kid......


oh yeah.... and don't forget--crit for crit!
Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light
i love this you gotta a myspace page? this is great OMG wow this is better Adam and Andrew or in the same category its great
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myspace is being really stupid it won't let me upload my songs right now.

that really sucks but yeah you should put that one up ive listened to it like 10 times right now and im still laughing
That was really cool, I like the rapping. it's nice seeing something like this on a guitar site.