Hey guys, i was thinking about getting a hughes and kettner warp X head
its a tube head and ive never played it but ive heard clips and stuff
any advice? anyone have one?
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Well, I love my solid state H&K, which says something. I've heard nothing but good things about their products.

How much is the Warp X compared to the Trilogy? Because if you went for the trilogy you'd get a LOT more versatility. I mean, the Warp X was built for numetal. So it'll have a really aggressive clean, that breaks up easily. Not that appealing really.

Alternatively, you could look at a Switchblade combo. They're supposed to be great amps too.

EDIT: The switchblade head is $100 cheaper than the Warp X on musician's friend, and it'll be more versatile and have better cleans too. I'd go for that, personally.
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