hey, i've got a guitar center opening up in a week where i live and it says up to 92% off, so i was thinking, do you think i should go for a better amp or a new guitar...i don't NEED either, but you know...lol, i want one or the other, and i have round 300 now and am going to trade in my epiphone les paul with some upgrades thinking maybe 300 more, and with that sale going on was thinking bout getting an Ibanez S470 or a Peavey Valveking, i have a randall 30 watt amp right now, and while not the greatest, i still really really like it, and i ahve a schecter C-1 Elite sooo what would yall do?????
go for a new guitar. i see sales on amps all the time, unlike guitars, where you see good offers every so often.

by the way, u r sooo lucky to have a gc near u. i have to drive 45 minutes to get to the one closest to me.
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I would definetaly buy a new amp.
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I'd wait to try the gear out, rather than deciding what to buy before you get there. But if it's amp or guitar first, then amp wins.
PEDALS ALL THE WAY!!!!!! haha sike, but if u really want pedals go for it. but just go for waht u think would give u a better sound, we cant tell u what to buy, we can give u advice on what sounds the best and what not, but just go for waht ever u think well sound the best with what u have u know
Where Do You Live?!
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no, i live in georgia, lol, it's the one in fayetteville, but i live almost an hour away from Atlanta, soooo it's alot closer, less than 10 minutes, yeah, i wasn't deciding before i got there, i really like the way my amp sounds right now, i might just get the amp and if it's that much off might upgrade the pickups on the schecter, cause the jb's treblyness is getting on my nerves, just my opinion though, thanks
lol, i know, the ad i got in the mail said first thousand get a T shirt, i was like great, a thousand, lol, but it's filling up a whole department store, they just remodeled it and filled it up with guitars