ok, i need to get a new amp because i have just started another band and my 15 watt fender frontman isn't gonna cut it. we plan on gigging in bars and at school and church and those size venues.

i really like the marshall sound but i don't have enough money to buy anything new. i only have about $1000 dollars to spend on the whole thing so any new marshalls are pretty much out of the question. so i was wondering about there pedals. do they sound similar to the actual amps? like if i got a fender hotrod deville and a marshall pedal would i be able to get that marshall crunch and lead sounds?

im open to any suggestions on other brands or whatever. i play all sorts of rock from classic rock to indie and even harder rock. no metal though. i need to have good overdrive and decent cleans. i want to go tube and i would prefer at least a 212 if not a halfstack and im open to using ebay. what amp do u think would be good for me?
sorry this is really long, i wanted to cover anything.
you should be able to get a good marshall amp off ebay for under $1000 try look for a jcm or plexi
Marshall JCM900 dude. Its the perfect amp for hardrock/classic/indie...everything. Maybe a DSL100 off eBay.

Theres also the Hughes and Ketter Edition Tube which is loud as hell. 20watts all tube powered by EL84s with an Eminance RockDriver Cream speaker...*creams panties*
ok keeping in mind that i don't have a cab. or are u suggesting a jcm 900 combo?
OKay, if you put a marshall pedal into a fender deville you will get crunch but it won't sound like a marshall.

Tough, but it should makes sense. Good sound is almost never that inexpensive unfortunately. On the other hand you might like that sound just as much... it is after all your preference.

Personally I would get a good tube combo or better yet, a couple of good combos.

Grab a Fender Deluxe (350) and a JCM900 combo (600)... or the deluxe and a mesa subway rocket (550).

Tons of versatility... tons of options. (ebay prices in parenthesis)

Thats my 2 cents
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