Im lookin for a really good distortion pedal. play with an epiphone les paul standard and a marshall avt stack. Play classic/hard/blues rock with a wee bit of metal. any suggestions would be most welcome
between 100 and 200. hav a mt-2 and a ds-1 but i dnt like them
well..and this is all if I was you...Id sell the whole AVT stack and get a killer tube amp. Combo or halfstack...either way it will sound a lot better. But thats just if I was you...
go to pedalgeek.com and in the right pulldown menu go to overdrive pedals check out all the options... if you want something heavier check out the distortion pedals in the same drop down menu.

Tons of options.

Good Luck
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I got an old rare Boss Xt-2 Xtortion pedal and I have to say it's the most versitile thing I've ever seen. I can get great sound out of open chords, barre chords, power chords, just about anything you want it sounds great on. Only draw back is that it's rare and expensive, just scower your local pawnshops and used guitar stores, and if that doesn't work try ebay.