Here's my take at Iron Maiden's classic song Killers.

check it out by clicking here

also check out my symphony of destruction cover and if u have the time plz crit @



EDIT: Leave a link and I'll crit when i have time.
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Whoa, sweet! This is one of my favorite Maiden songs; I don't think I've seen a cover on here before (not one that I can remember, at least).
You did a kickass job on this! A tad bit slower than the original, but pretty much everything else about it was mint. One part in the interlude I actually thought sounded better than the original. Obviously that solo's hard to nail, but you did a pretty great job at it. Your tone was metal, but not too over-the-top on gain or anything; it sounded perfectly "old school".
In a nutshell, this is one of the sweetest Maiden covers I've ever heard. Get vocals in there and it'd sound ridiculous. Thanks, man, I really enjoyed that one. 10/10.
PS. I'll listen to your Symphony of Destruction one too, probably, since that's a pretty cool song too.
man wikid cover of an old school fav . That must of taken ages to master?
listening to Killers as i type. so far it sounds pretty awesome. I've honestly never heard this song but it sounds like a cool song. nice guitar work, and a good job on the solo too! i liked it very much xD good work

listening to Symphony of Destruction. this is an awesome song! I liked your tone in this song. Solo was good this sounded really good. good job on both the songs!

crit mine if you would plz! : https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=401852
Quote by bono_b
man wikid cover of an old school fav . That must of taken ages to master?

It didn't actually take that long, but playing it perfectly was what i spent most of my time practicing