i have played the line 6 spyder 2 212 and i must say on the insane channel i get the best distortion ive heard from a combo in a while........i want my sound to sound like atreyu and some like metal hardcore.....underoath etc...... so i was also considering a peavey xxx half stack or a xxx with a b-52 cab? and is the xxx tube? thanks
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the XXX is tube

get the peavey fo sho.
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LMAO! ok. yeah. um Ill let others say all the mean things and Ill stick right to the point.

... . this thread is another joke right?

the spider is horrible. i especially hate its "insane" channel. the xxx is a good amp. I dont really like it much because it doesnt have a great clean channel. its a tube amp. you are comparing a low end ss amp to a medium end tube amp.
well if not the xxx then what else should i get the big thing is the bang for my buck
my gear
Epiphone zakk Wylde
prs soapbar 2
Line 6 spider 2
im going to be playing like atreyu and that kind of stuff like metal/post hardcore but i still like to fit a little cleaner tones in there too.
my gear
Epiphone zakk Wylde
prs soapbar 2
Line 6 spider 2
The XXX will work really good for the metal side of it. You can throw in a chorus or delay pedal to help with the clean channel.
Try each and base your choosing upon that. NOT the opinions of other people, if you like the peavey go for it, if you like the line 6 go for it, either way im sure you wont regret it.
I would say that the XXX is deffinately the better of the 2. It's a tube amp, and it'll suite your styles a lot better. The Spyder has very buzzy and fake sounding distortion. It also sounds very sterile. The XXX on the other hand is kind of like Peavey's Recto clone. It'll handle the styles you want very well and will give you real tone.
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I'd go with the XXX because its tube and the spider sounds bad
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