I got their new album and i like it. Any comments about it or the band?
I got that free song of theirs off of iTunes last week called Lonely Train, and it's good.
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we're not nerds thank you very much i have a very respectable 40k imperial guard army.
BSC is killer. The whole cd is great.
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Ya i got the cd about a week ago and i love it...i saw them live on june 23 and they were really good...definitely compatable to shinedown or saliva
got the album a few weeks back, can't say i'm very impressed with it.

Lyrics are way to predictable, guitars start to get that way as well.
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The vocals are a little bit too Nickelback/Chris Cornell-ish for me... but the guitar riffs are cool.

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yeah, i have their cd, they kick ass!! its like sabbath meets lynard Skynard they are comin to Utah the day before thanksgiving with Black Label, thats gonna be an AWESOME SHOW!!!
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although i said they are way to predictable, i'll be waiting to see if they come out of thier shell on the next album.
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Solid First album, I like these guys though!
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