Couldn't find a country thread...if there is one, let me know! Willie's kind of bluesy, anyway...sort of...

Anyway, I was watching a Austin City Limits DVD with him, and was wondering about his guitar. It looks very old, like he's had it since he was a young 'un. His first?
What's the story on his guitar? It has at least one hole in it (by the bridge), and has dozens of autographs on it. Bet there's a good story there...
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ive got his signature edition guitar thats autographed by him
w/ a coa
if anyone offers a good amount 4 it im willing to sell

PM me if interested
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That guitar is a Martin Willie bought 40 years ago, however not his first guitar since he was in his twenties at the time. He named it Trigger in correspondence with Roy Roggers horse of the same name because the guitar his best friend. For years he's refused to play any other, and he hid the guitar from the IRS when he was being audited. It's signed by famous friends like Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, and in accordance is indeed worth an obsene amount of money.