What are good types of picks to use for metal?? Do I want thick or thin, and are there any brands that stand out?
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I like dunlop stubbys. There nice and thick , they kinda slide right off the string. i think there good for metal(at least what i play). There really durable too. I just wish my store carried more colors. They only carry purple >_<
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as a side thread on this, whats good for fast alternate picking..?

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Jim Dunlop Jazz III there are a little bit smaller but they are great for metal rhythm and leads.. if u have big fingers or whatever they also have Jim Dunlop JazzIII XL series wich is the same just a big bigger in size not guage
I use the small size Dunlop Tortex picks, the Tortex Jazz I believe. I'm not sure of the gauge because the numbers wore off but they're the kinda purpley ones. They are at least 1.0mm. Anyways, best picks I've ever used. THe shape is small so they play quickly and I find I get better hand control. Also the Tortex sticks to your fingers when they get moist with sweat so you don't drop these babies.
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ummm whatever you fell comfortable with, usually thicker ones, with good grip, but seriously, does it matter? you could cut out a carboard pick if you wanted to and it would work fine as long as you know how to play
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the thin ones are better for alternate picking i think

i play often somewhat bordering on hardcore punk and mostly its all tremolo picked powerchords. thin ones are easy best for this
i use planet waves 0.76mm i like their thickness, not too hard that they get caught in the strings easily for a noob liky myself
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dyou play lead or rhythm?

I switch it up at times sometimes I do lead and my friend does rhythem and vice versa
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DUnlop Tortex and Dunlop Jazz III seem to almost be industry standard you cant go wrong with either and for metal thicker picks seem to be better for alternate picking and stuff but its all opinion play with what you feel most comfortable
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If you use a smaller thick pick you will have an easier time hitting pinch harmonics. Bigger picks will be more advantageous for PALM MUTING.

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I use Ibanez ones.. it's blue, has a skull on one side, the Ibanez logo on the other. the point is sharper than normal picks, and it's about 1mm thick, so it's thick enough for most stuff, but not too thick. it's just perfect for metal, especially tremolo picking and stuff.