Anyways I know people are going to call me a dumbass but.... I was looking into strumming since my friend says to play guitar I should learn it and I have been doing my scales and everything and as I'm reading tabs for Smoke on the water and Iron Man I'm just gettting confused. When I see the chord/power chord patterns and I see the line up top that puts two or four nots together, am I supposed to strum that one string? Also whats with the doulbe bar up top can anyone help me out if not thanks anways
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Yea I don't fully understand what you're saying.

Are you trying to tell us that you see 2-4 notes on the lines and then another note above the lines, a chord?

The chord progression would be the rhythm and the notes on the lines would be the lead, that's usually how it is.
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Hmmm does this help at all?


No, lol.

Could you refer me to the tab you're looking at?
if it looks like this


you pick those two notes at the same time
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