soo...i have a friend...he writes lyrics...do these look like decent lyrics...or are they not good?

Never met before
Never seen you here
I've got a feeling
I've got a fear
I'll make a move
Maybe touch your heart
Fate brought it together
Fate will take it apart

This encounter won't keep us long
It's so innocent but it feels so wrong
Maybe I'll see you again
Or we'll go our own ways

We grow so close
In so little time
Watch us talk
The eagerness climb
This won't last long
But let's make it count
It's not about quality
It's about the amount

If this was meant to last
It wouldn't have gone so fast
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it depends. theyre cool lyrics but only for the right typ of music. those look like good metal/hardcore slowish song lyrics, but i wouldnt try putting them in a punk or bluesy song. but theyre not bad. haha its about sex.
did you read the rules kid?

edit... don't use gay as a negative term it shows lack of respect towards the community
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