Compound fracture shatters my hand
Now i can't play in a band
one handed guitar kind of sucks
so i guess i'm pretty ****ed

i have no hand
i cannot fret
i cannot stand
the fact i cannot play any more

So my band mates through me out
they are kind and gentle and don't shout
be even if i give a yelp
no-one will send me help

I have no hand
depends on the kind of music its for really. sounds suited to punk.

btw by 'through', you me 'threw'
i need to get a better signature.
i can't say anything good or bad about this because its not serious so if you like it... it's good

check my **** bitch [no title]
If you want to shine like the sun first you must burn like it.
I think it needs a little bit more meat to cover the bone if you know what im sayin.
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
-John Lennon
i like the first and second verses
the third verse needs a little work
pretty original song though